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Testosterone Optimization For Men

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Revived Masculinity

Andropause is about aging, and declining hormones go with the territory. By the time men reach 40, the brain's signal to “make more testosterone” has grown weaker and aging testes are less likely to respond. The first thing a man usually notices as his hormones taper off, is a subtle downward shift in strength and energy. He may lose his enthusiasm for the things he used to enjoy, the challenge of work, competition, and exercise. As fatigue sets in more quickly, the only desirable bedroom activity may become a good night's sleep. Work performance is also compromised when mental clarity and memory become less acute.

At Masri Medical we offer men several options for treating Andropause. Bio-identical Hormone Replacement therapy is custom designed for each patient's needs to address the challenges of Andropause and achieve:

  • Increase motivation and stamina

  • Sharpen memory and thinking

  • Build lean muscle mass and reduce body fat

  • Strengthen the Immune System and ability to manage stress

  • Prevent cardiovascular disease and Osteoporosis

  • Stabilize emotional fluctuations and resolve depression and anxiety

  • Restore restful sleep and sense of well-being

  • Restore libido and sexual performance


- Treatment for ED including Shock Wave Therapy,

oral and injectable medication

- Subcutaneous Testosterone Pellet Insertion

- Vasectomy

- Hair Restoration

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